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Within the shadows of the modern world live the souls tied to the old ways, a time long past when humans were not the only ones to walk the streets. The Eternal Children, The Rats who walk like men, and the Elves of myth…all of them possessing a deep rooted hidden power that is tied to the gods.

They are known as the ones of the Old World, those who are aware of the Cycle, and fight to harken the 13th hour.

Beyond the dark alleys and winding roads, there is another world, one of magic and conflict, a world that hangs by a thread in the war between the light and the dark. Zaira, the overworld, a universe like our own, a mirror, separated by an Etherial veil, hidden from the eyes of the New World.

Races of The Old World

The Worlds Beyond the Veil

Main Page

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